Friday, September 2, 2011

Target Sports, Wall, Arts & Crafts

Day 3

The next morning, what do you know? I did the morning hike with my cabin and another friend, Jarred. After doing the sunshine dance and eating breakfast FIRST from winning cleaning cabins, we went back to girls camp to get ready for the second day of activities. Even though we're going to be sweating the entire day... my cabin still wanted me to do their make-up. Am I really that talented with a eye shadow brush?

Anyways, after doing everyone's make-up AGAIN for activities we headed towards Target Sports/ Riflery. After my second transplant in 2009, I was able to go to camp two months later. I couldn't help but notice the difference in my shooting skills from before. Not only did I get better at aiming but I seemed to know what I was doing... I guess it's just another trait I inherited from Dakota. The instructor seemed impressed. He didn't need to help me at all and he would congratulated me on my ending results!

After Target Sports was the Rock Wall! My BEST skill! Last year, I reached the top of the wall in forty-five seconds. This year I was determined to beat that time, which I accomplished by ringing the cowbell at the top in thirty-six seconds, impressive I know! After the rock wall was another satisfying meal! Remember when I said I asked eight guys out to the dance? Well, one of the guys I asked seriously wanted to go to the dance with me(Who wouldn't?!) and asked my for real-sies! Of course I accepted!

Quiet Hour was all about perfecting our skit for tonight! My role was Dorthy/Snoop Dog, since I would be rapping about our journey to Oz. I wasn't able to memorize my rap completely so I kept a cheat sheet with me throughout the whole skit in case I forgot ANYTHING! The skit requirements included: Dressing up a counselor as an animal. Having the plot focused around this animal, and this animal MUST have a talent. My counselor played the Cowardly Lion and we added a background story about the lion's childhood explaining his cowardliness and his talent.
The intro went something like this:

Dorthy: Oh, Hey Lion! I can't believe it's already been seven years!
Lion: I know Dorthy! It's been so LONG!
Dorthy: Well, I've been thinking about our journey to Oz lately and realized, you never told me how you became so cowardly in the first place?
Lion: Oh... Well when I was a child I found out I didn't like meat so I refused to hunt with the rest of the lions which led to being kicked out of my pride and I was reduced to living with the squirrels(SQUIRREL, SQUIRREL!)... which led to low self-esteem...
Dorthy:...Umm... WOW! Well I haven't stopped thinking about our trip and I was wondering, since your talent is beat boxing, we could re-live right... NOW! Gimmy a beat!?
*Starting to rap*

After running it a couple times we continued with our afternoon activities. Golf was next with Nicole and we did the exact same thing from yesterday, except we added putting on crappy practice greens. Even though we were hitting rubber balls with unknown brand clubs I was still able to hit pretty well and receive compliments from the free choice counselors!

Finally, we had our last activity which was Arts & Crafts. We did two things. 1.) To make an 8x8 drawing on fabric that will be sowed on to a quilt that will be put up for auction at the Camp Gala to help fund raise money.(I drew a heart organ with, "Camp Del Corazon Forever" written around it) 2.) To write a thank you card to the camp sponsors telling them how much we appreciate camp. Mine went something like this:

Dear Sponsors of the best place on Earth,

I feel like thank you isn't a big enough word to express how much I love this camp and how much I appreciate you paying for the costs of attending. I feel like camp is the only place I can act myself and I don't have to be ashamed of my past medical history. I am so happy and content when I'm here and this is the only place I am accepted by everyone. This will be my eighth year at camp and I have yet to miss a year. I even attended camp two months after my second transplant! Anyways, thank you so much with all my heart!

Shelby Cooper

I meant every word I said in that letter and I hope the sponsors really do realize how much I love going to camp and wouldn't give it up for anything! Back to day three... It was finally shower hour, and like yesterday, we arrived early and had first picks of the hot showers! After doing everyone's eye make-up once again for the evening activities we went to dinner, also known as my most convenient time to flirt with the guys *wink wink*

Before skit night, we went back to the cabins to rehearse in our costumes(mine being Dorthy's dress with a gangster hat). We were all scared out of our minds we would mess up, since we only had a day and half to plan and perfect it. Although, we were feeling confident we were going to have the crowd on our side and if we do mess up... not like anyone's going to care. I felt the most nervous since I was going to be on stage the whole time rapping, hopefully I'm not going to sound like some white chick rhyming! Before we knew it, we had already watched six cabins perform and we were up next! Penny Lane(part of the program staff) promised us we could use her "Toto" look-a-like puppy to add cuteness effect to my Dorthy impersonation. Once I started rapping the crowd cheered me on and I started getting really into my character!

"Yo, my name is Dorthy but you can call me, "D" I live in Kansas and it's really SWEET!
As you may have know I live on a farm, it's all black and white and there ain't to CORN!
There was a destruction, no it wasn't cool. Now I'm in MUNCHKIN LAND with all these little fools
*We represent the Lollipop Guild*
I met the good witch, yeah she was really nice, but the other WICKED witch she smelt like rotten rice!
The good witch told me that I killed her sista, now I have to go meet the Wicky- Wicky Wizard of OZ!
First I met a Scarecrow who wanted a brain, he wasn't very smart, he was just really lame...
Then I met a Tin man who wanted a heart, we oiled up his joints to get a good start!
I met this silly lion who wanted to be brave, he's really just a coward who needs to be saved!
We arrived at the Emerald City, yeah it was really cool! It was so shiny all we could do was drool!
*Cue in the drooling!*
I met up with the wizard and turns out he wasn't real! He wasn't out for good, he was only out to steal!
Turns out I had the magic with me along, so I clacked my heals and then I went home!"

EVERYBODY was on their feet and for the rest of my time here, "D" was my official nickname and when I was brushing my teeth that night I earned so many compliments on my SKILLZ! I felt so unbelievably happy and it was just what I needed to boost my self-confidence! By the end of the night I couldn't SHUT UP about our skit and for cabin closing my high was: TOTALLY ROCKING THE RAP! My low: I DIDN'T HAVE ANY! IT WAS JUST ANOTHER AMAZING DAY AT CDC!!

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