Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My First Home

My First Home

Camp reminds me of a healthy beating heart that has been given a second chance 
Camp sounds like the laughter coming from the campers having the time of their life
Camp tastes like the delicious meals where you yell, “Hey Caesar, how bout seconds?!”
Camp smells like the salty ocean that you sleep by for four nights
Camp looks like a huge group of CHD kids doing the Sunshine Dance in the morning
There’s no place like home, and my first home is Camp Del Corazon

I wrote this poem a few days after CDC ended, so you can imagine how much my mind was set on camp. No lie though, camp will always be my first home, since it's the only place I'm forever and always purely happy.

In other news: Yesterday, when I was in English I was, "eavesdropping" on someone else's conversation and apparently... It's weird and creepy to have take med's for any reason? Umm, yeah someone needs a good slap in the face. How did these people even come up to this conclusion? Oh well, I will never understand the mind of a douche bag <3

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