Thursday, September 1, 2011

High Ropes, Archery, Swimming!

So today at school I was a complete bragger and every word that came out of my mouth was some how related to camp! Surprisingly, everyone was excited to see me back in Latin, Drawing and Painting, Biology, Geometry, and World History. Not so much English because... well my English class SUCKS! I'm just the life of the party in almost all my classes... not really! I'm going through Post-Camp Del Corazon Depression because I miss it so much!

Day 2

It's 6:30AM and Sammy, Nicole, and myself wake up to go on the morning hike. The whole time I hike with my friend Dj while taking loads of pictures of the beautiful view of the sunrise gleaming across the ocean. When we come back to camp, I do the sunshine dance FULL OUT with everyone else, and I don't feel awkward doing it by myself in my room. I have been looking forward to breakfast since the minute I arrived! It was very pleasing when I finished my waffles and sausage as my first meal!

After breakfast, we went back to girls camp to get ready for activities and to clean our cabins so we would have a chance to win Cleanest Cabin Queens. The key to winning cleanest cabin: Kiss up to the med nurses! They're the ones who judge the cabins and they ALWAYS go for flattery EVERY TIME! So what do you know?! WE WON! We made a poster that spelled, "Cutter Loves Our Med Nurses" After Cabin Clean Up we headed towards our first activity which was the High Ropes Course. The night before I promised myself I would reach the top of the Eagles Perch(balancing on top of a wobbly telephone pole) which is exactly what I did by sitting on top of the telephone pole.

After we thanked the High Ropes staff we went to our next activity which was archery. Usually I forget what I learn from the year before so it's like I'm a first year all over again, even though I've done it for seven years. A had a guy named Charlie who was correcting me every time I did something slightly wrong. It was annoying at first but near the end we were able to have a archery contest and he was able to punch a whole through my name tag.
*Props to you*

After the second activity we met by the bell and finally had lunch. Before every meal a cabin says grace. It was our turn!

Us: "This is a repeat song"
Everyone else: "This is a repeat song"
Everyone else: "GRACE!"
*The End*

Lunch was delicious and just the right amount of food to fill me! I rediscovered the Cup Game with my cabin and we would gather a group of counselors and campers to join in every time we had an empty cup lying around. After composting my food I would go over to the guy tables and just be my regular EXTREMELY FLIRTY self. My plan was to ask at least ten guys out to the dance on our last night, which was almost achieved when I asked eight guys who all accepted.

Everyday after lunch, we would go back to our cabins for Quiet Hour. During Quiet Hour, my cabin decided to work on our skit for skit night the next evening. Our first idea was to recreate a video off of YouTube, but then we decided talking about rapping. I suggested doing a rap that I made up in middle school about the Wizard of Oz. After they heard it piece by piece we all agreed upon it. Of course, we had to tweek it a little to meet the requirements of skit night but we knew it was going to be the best skit out of them all!

After quiet hour we headed towards the dining hall to meet up with our free choice activity group. My free choice was golf(obviously) and turns out I wasn't the only girl to sign up. My friend Nicole that I have known since... my third year at camp and she was also in my cabin last year. Anyways, after hitting plastic training golf balls for an hour, I met up with my cabin again and waited to move on to our next activity which was swimming. I was the only one out of my cabin to swim deeper into the ocean first, until I reached the trampoline. Once I did reach the trampoline I noticed the rest of my cabin followed me... so I'm sort of like a trendsetter, but not really. After jumping on the trampoline, then having very mature small talk with the other older boy cabin, then playing, "Who can crack the egg?"(me being the egg), to swimming back to shore, our final activity of the day was over. Up next was Shower Hour, which my cabin was early for so we had first picks for the warm water showers. After showering I got ready and did my make-up like usual, but once I brought out my INTENSE make-up kit everyone else wanted a taste. No joke. I did four of the six girls(including me) in my cabins eye make-up. Before I knew it, I was being called the make-up artist of session one and everyone agreed I should go to cosmetology school to become a professional make-up artist.

After another spectacular meal we got ready for the next activity which was the Counselor Scavenger Hunt?! Not even my counselors knew what was planned so it was quite a surprise when I found out we would be catching "Death Eaters" on our "broom stick "around campus under "Bellatrix Lestrange'" orders to defeat the "Dark Lord". Best evening activity EVER! Who ever collects the most points wins!... which we did not succeed in doing. After eating smores by the campfire, and creating rain, oh and after I flirted with all the guys we returned to girls camp for cabin closing and lights out. My highs and lows this time were... My high of the day: Achieving my goal on the high ropes. My low of the day: Waking up early in the morning... but then realizing I'm in my sleeping bag, with my cabin, at the best place imaginable, so it's all good! I love talking with my cabin all night... Talking about guys, laughing about swimming unicorns, making whale impressions, and telling racist jokes ;-)

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