Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In case the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE doesn't happen...

I said next time I would post a list of new goals for the upcoming year. Of course, I couldn't think of everything I plan to accomplish in 2012, since I'm more of a go-with-the-flow kind of person, but I think these are reasonable goals.

  • Volunteer at PCH (Phoenix Children's Hospital) over the summer: I've been wanting to volunteer here for several years, and I came close this past summer. Instead, I volunteered at a Senior Center delivering meals to disabled/ elderly peoples houses. PCH has a summer program for high school students, although, I think you can only participate if you're 16 years of age or younger.
  • Save money for next year's Christmas: This year I was so stupid and didn't save any money to buy gifts for my friends and family. I hate asking my parents for Christmas money, since they have their own Christmas shopping to worry about. 
  • Apply for a job at the golf course: I have more job possibilities in mind, but this is my number one job idea. I have to be at least 16 with a drivers license to work here, so I'm thinking next summer. 
  • Create the CDC mural: I'm not sure if "mural" is the correct term to what I have in mind, but what I plan to do is buy gigantic wooden letters from Hobby Lobby or Michaels spelling out C D C. Inside each letter will be a collage of photos from all my years attending Camp Del Corazon. Once I'm finished, I'll hang it up in my room to remember all the fantastic memories at the best place on Earth.
  • Learn the ukulele: For Christmas my sister gave me an Amazon.com gift card for $25. I looked online for a ukulele and found one for $14.99. It seems I'm going to be receiving something in the mail soon. 
  • Blog on a regular basis: SELF-EXPLANATORY.
  • Plan a Sweet 16 with Make-A-Wish: During the summer my family contacted the Make-A-Wish Foundation so I could attend the Harry Potter premiere in New York, meet the HP cast, and vacation in New York for a week (because I'm that obsessed with the series). Apparently, there wasn't enough notice to plan something so extravagant. So instead of a Harry Potter related wish, I changed it to a Sweet 16 Bash. It would relieve all the financial stress off my parents and I wouldn't have to limit myself once I start planning. We should be contacting them in the next week or so...
  • DRIVER'S LICENSE: *Cue the Star Wars Imperial March theme song* Though I'm super excited to finally have more independence with the ability to drive, I fear for others that I might kill someone on the roads someday. Permit test next week. NO EPIC FAILS!
  • Attend LeakyCon 2012:  LeakyCon is the biggest Harry Potter convention and I think it's taking place in Chicago. If I can get a couple of other Harry Potter obsessed friends to save money with me I would love to go next year!
  • Start a bank account for college funds: Maybe my parents already have an account started for college, but once I get a job(hopefully over the summer) I would like to start saving since who knows how much I have saved, if anything.
  • Compete in more figure skating competitions: Although, I dread the competition feeling and atmosphere, it's good practice and it's even better when you win 1st place.
These were the first aspirations that came to mind for 2012. I have another 365 days to complete my mission of life. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, I know I did. My family is so dorky, but that's why I love them.
Sophisticated families are just gross.