Monday, August 29, 2011


I'M BACK! and I must say this was one of the best years at camp yet! I'll  blog about each five days I was there, day by day. So lets start from day one!

Day 1

The night before, I set my new alarm for 4:00AM, the alarm ringtone being, "Blame It On The Boogie"(Sunshine Dance). I probably went to bed by 11:00PM since I was EXTREMELY excited for a new year! Six hours later, I'm completely awake and ready to get out of the door and drive to the airport! We finally arrived at the airport at 5:00 AM and there's a HUGE line... Note to self: GET THERE BY 4:30AM, at least! Although, when passing several people I met from the past seven years I have attended camp with, I started to get even more excited, if that was humanly POSSIBLE!! I even saw Lindsey ahead of me who got there by 4:00 AM, she must have been dying to get out of the door too! Once I'm checked in, I'm set into my traveling group, say good-bye to my parents that I honestly will not miss one bit, we go through security together(pacemaker kids getting manually checked), boarded the plane, and we were FINALLY on our way to California!

I was expecting a better meal then this for breakfast but whatever, it was airplane food(a bagel, apple juice, and grapes). Once we landed, we're practically on the buses that are heading towards the Catalina Express in two seconds! My group had a lot of my friends I met last year so I was well occupied while traveling! Once we get to the dock after going through California "Rush Hour"(Every hour) I meet up with my cabin which consisted of brand new people I have never met! My cabin this year was, "Cutter" which was the cabin I had last year but of course, with different people. My counselors, Kelbel, Hiccup, and Haonness, I'm glad were extremely nice and welcoming! As if none of the other's aren't!

I promised myself this year that I would be very enthusiastic, happy, and friendly towards everyone, so that I could meet more people! Which is exactly what I did and accomplished by the end of the session, because my whole cabin loved how crazy I was! My cabin mates this year were, Sammy, Ariessa(Aries), Victoria, Nicole, and Marrisa(she was in my cabin last year)! I was the first one to speak up and if I may say so myself , I was able to get mostly everyone out of their shell a little bit on the first try. On the boat ride, I sat with my cabin for the first half and then I played Ninja with all the little kids for the second part. My excitement was building inside of me I could have exploded at that very moment! :) Once we arrived I ran and high-5ed all the counselors on the dock ready to greet us.

First we had lunch, then I unpacked and decorated with my cabin while getting to know them even more, had a Practice Emergency Drill with the rest of the camp, had a tour of the camp(as if I don't have the campus memorized by heart already), then dinner, then Disco Bingo! Unfortunately, I did not win at Bingo but the Disco part came in every time somebody DID get a bingo and that was my time to break out into my AWESOME dance moves in front of everybody! Remember how my cabin said I was crazy? This is why. I danced like such a complete physco and gave it my all, everyone wanted to dance with me! Just kidding, but I did feel pretty good dancing with everybody while starting a Conga Line! After Disco Bingo it was time for lights out and cabin closing. We were supposed to say our high's and low's of the day for cabin closing... My high's? Seeing everyone I haven't seen in one YEAR and having my dance moves captured on camera! My low's? Sitting outside for the Practice Emergency Drill, but that soon turned into a high after singing repeat songs and looking ridiculous! Ohhhhh well!