Monday, October 24, 2011

Over the camp years

I've been going to camp for ten straight years, since I was seven years old. Now I'm fifteen years old and I only have two years left. I'm determined to make the best of these last couple years by acting like a happy, crazy, enthusiastic Shelby. Which I accomplished by doing this year. Which is a good plan, because I'm afraid college will get in the way of me becoming a counselor and I won't be able to come back until I've graduated from ASU, or UCLA, or wherever I end up studying for how many years I decide to go for.

Lately, I've been feeling a bit depressed from NOT being at camp. I'm just glad I have contact with all my camp friends, I probably would have exploded by now if I was isolated from them. THANK YOU TECHNOLOGY! On the first day back to school once fall break ended, after I got home, I literally started crying because I rather be at camp then anywhere else. Not that I don't love my regular friends, but life is so much more different without my CDC friends surrounding me 24/7. Instead of taking notes in Geometry I made a list, "Reasons why I <3 CAMP DEL CORAZON!". All the good times, inside jokes, and memories are coming back to me:

Asking Nicole, Mela, and Hana, "Can I kiss your back?" after Marissa randomly did it to a guy. ~2010
Dancing crazily with Mela whenever a good song was played by Gumbi. ~2010
Creeping Booter out by hugging him every time I see him! ~ 2009
Eating smores after evening activities.
Wearing a Nemo hat on my head with Annie and totally embracing it. ~2009
Yelling, "YOU GUYS ARE TITANIC!" with Annie against our rival side, the boats. ~ 2009
Singing, "SLOOP, THERE IT IS!" with my cabin. ~ 2009
Composting our food instead of cleaning the dishes.
Going full out, every morning, to the sunshine dance and not feeling like a lunatic. ~ 2011
Singing Sweet Caroline and Don't Stop Believing every year.
Stealing Jarred's hat, and wearing it for the entire camp session. ~ 2011
Searching for crabs in Nature, but surprisingly finding an octopus. ~ 2005
Voluntarily doing the squirrel dance
Playing ping pong with Ellen after lunch. ~ 2009-2010
The successful feeling after achieving in archery and target sports.
Naming all of my positives of the day during cabin closing.
Playing improv games in my activity free choice: Theatre. ~2010
Balancing on the life guard surf board during the beach party, then Devin flipping me over. ~ 2011
Dancing full out during disco bingo, practically hitting people in the face.
Being called Spider Girl after reaching the top of the rock wall in 45 seconds! ~ 2010
Beating my rock wall record in 2010 from 45 seconds to 36 seconds! ~ 2011
Kissing up to the med nurses every year to win cleanest cabin.
Playing Ninja with Christian and a bunch of other little kids on the boat ride to the island. ~ 2011
Impersonating Dory by making whale noises with Cutter at night when we're supposed to be sleeping. ~ 2011
Making gasping for air noises of the same unicorn swimming back to the mainland with Aries. ~ 2011
Doing Sammy's make-up every night for the evening activities. ~ 2011
Showing off my golf swing during my free choice activity: Golf. ~ 2011
Trying the giant swing for a first time and pretending to be Tinkerbell. ~2010
My cabin convinced my counselor nickname should be flirt, since I flirt with all the guys. ~ 2010
Playing ,"Crack the egg" with Senior 3. ~ 2011
Searching for Garibaldi fish during my activity free choice: Snorkeling. ~ 2009
Totally freaking out when I spotted the sharks, until I was told they have no teeth. ~ 2009
Trendsetting by being the first to volunteer for a swim test. ~  2009
In the hula hoop contest, being a finalist out of all the cabins, to determine who eats first. ~ 2009
Playing baseball in the swimming pool with the guy cabins. ~ 2008
Winning at Wake n Wind. ~ 2006
Ben taking the last dessert and reserving it for me. ~ 2007
Making monkey fists with Nick, Nate, and Josh at the airport. ~ 2010
Nick finding out my one extreme tickle spot and holding it against me. ~ 2010
Shakin our booty's and singing with Cutter as encouragement on the high ropes. ~ 2010
Writing cards to the sponsors of CDC, telling them how much I appreciate camp.
Sleeping with ants in my sleeping bag, and not knowing it. ~ 2010
Making up cabin chants with Victoria. ~ 2011
Free piggy back rides from all the guys during the alien scavenger hunt.
Constant encouragement from my friends and counselors.
Receiving hugs from Dj every time we see each other(Are you stalking me!?). ~ 2011
Tanning on the beach with Emily and Nicole. ~ 2011
Getting seriously into character when pretending to be on a, "Lion Hunt".
Riding horses when Malibu Ranch was in session. ~ 2006- 2008
Taking pictures of the sunrise during the morning hike.
Learning the ways of a lanyard making from Annie. ~ 2009
Sleeping by the ocean for four nights.
Enjoying that I look ridiculous while singing repeat songs.
Belting out Bohemian Rhapsody with Movie Man on the last day. ~ 2010
Rapping the Wizard of Oz rap as Dorthy for skit night. ~ 2011
Teaching the Cup Game with Victoria, then having counselors and campers join in to create the biggest game ever. ~ 2011
Seabass asking my to slow dance at my first dance when we were a couple of kids. ~ 2004
Borrowing my counselors clothing, because I didn't have anything else to wear to the themed meals. ~ 2007
Looking forward to breakfast out of all the deliciously satisfying meals a day.
Sharing past medical history with your cabin and finding out something you have in common.
Creating the, "Happy Transplant Club" with Nicole. ~ 2011
Not worrying about being judged when I act myself.
Meeting new people, then keeping these friends forever!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Transplant Vlogs

I hate to admit it, but I am one in a million. My dad mentioned my cardiologist appointment in the car today which led to another your-heart-appointments-are-more-important-since-SECOND-heart-transplants-are-serious-business. Then he called me ONE in a MILLION, which I took offence to since I don't like being, "One special egg!" Can't I be counted as a weird teenager because I have an odd personality? Oh whatever, I'm getting off topic anyways, this conversation made me wonder... 'One in a million... That means a small percentage of people know what I had to go through during my SECOND transplant... Maybe I should have documented what Denver was like...' 

I had a webcam the whole time in Denver, why didn't I think of using it besides Skyping with people I miss from AZ. The idea of using my webcam in desperate times of need to rant on and on about my life seemed like a good idea... Until I realized, who would want to listen to a depressed teenager complaining about her life? Then I came to the conclusion of not caring if people actually viewed my videos, this may help with the disappointment. So, whenever I am in the hospital(which will likely, happen again) or in a Denver situation which I hope will. Never. Happen. Ever. Again. I will use my webcam everyday to record what happened day by day, and by the end of the whole mess, I will have a nicely edited video showing what happened everyday. These videos will be posted on this blog for my own personal satisfaction, but if you want to watch them in the future, that be cool! Now I'll start my homework!