Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day One of the Best Day Ever

Day 1

The night before, I set three alarms to ensure I wake up earlier than expected to beat the lines at the airport. On a regular basis, I already take a long time to fall asleep so you can imagine how long it took me to sleep with all the excitement building inside me. With approximately four hours of sleep, it was time wake up and head to the airport! Once we arrived, I COULDN'T CONTAIN MYSELF. The minute we parked I quickly jumped out of the car, ran through the parking lot and the airline check ins until I could see the cluster of red shirts. I didn't even care to notice how many weird stares I got until it was pointed out to me... probably because I'm lugging a bag that probably weighs more than me!

I checked myself in and for a firsty and was put in a traveling group lead by one of my favorite dude counselors, Woody! It didn't take me very long to make friends with the other campers in my traveling group. I particularly met this one girl, Sierra, who is a freshman in high school and a first year camper. I don't know what it is about first year campers but every time I meet one I think back to when I was seven years old, extraordinarily shy, and a first time camper. Thinking back to how overwhelming it was to attend camp for the first time, how everybody knows everybody, and how you don't know anyone just overpowers me with this feeling to be friends with ALL of these first year campers.

I was so dazed with being reunited with all my friends that I forgot to say goodbye to my parents! It didn't even affect me cause I knew I wasn't going to miss them in the slightest(sorry parental's) and I just continued through security and the terminals. We quickly boarded the plane and as time flew by (Get it...? Flew?... plane... hehe, punny!) we landed in California! Each travel group loaded on their designated tour bus to take us to the boat dock. I sat with one of my best friends, Dj, and we pretty much were freaking out the closer we got to the boat dock.

After a long morning of traveling we finally arrived at the boat dock to be united with our cabin. I was expecting to be put in cabin Cutter (which is usually the eldest girl cabin) but surprisingly this year my cabin was Brigantine! The traveling didn't stop there, after waiting for our luggage to be loaded we began our decent on boat to the wonderful Catalina Island. Traveling is almost just as fun as actually being on the island because we really get to know one another the entire time.

We finally arrived to the Camp Del Corazon grounds after approximately a two hour boat ride! I high fived all the counselors waiting for the first batch of campers and spirited it up with my cabin in the meantime. First things first, we went over all the camp rules. All the 9+ year campers, myself included, were even brought up to the front to answer some "extreme" questions about composting.

Enough with rules and onward with lunch!

The day continued as we headed from the dining hall to the dock to find our luggage. I'm usually one of the few campers freaking out because I can't seem to find my bag until everyone else finds their's first. However, I surprisingly enough spotted my bunny rabbit tags on my suitcase pretty quickly this year (Yes, I identify myself with bunny's). We headed to our lovely Brigantine cabin to settle in and decorate to impress. Strangely enough, Brigantine is usually used as the cabin held for the med nurses so when I heard I was in this cabin I thought it was a mistake because clearly I am not a med nurse (yet!). Our cabin is the first cabin you come across when you enter Girl's Camp. When I first entered the cabin, my friend Sammy and I chose bunks directly next to each other so we could talk at night and take selfies together during Quiet Hour!

Every year, a scavenger hunt is set up to familiarize yourself with the camp grounds (even though it would take brain damage for me to forget where everything is). During this scavenger hunt we're given our water bottles and for the first year ever(at least over my camp years) NOT given animal print sunglasses donated from the early 2000's. We headed back to our cabins to kill some time before dinner leading to our first night of activities.

Tonight's festivities? DISCO BINGO.

I was hoping to win my first bingo this year but... maybe when I'm a counselor! I didn't really care about winning anyway but it was difficult to enjoy myself when I was enduring one of those massive, random headaches all throughout Disco Bingo. Despite my headache, I still managed to party and have fun with my groovy cabin and all the kids!

Gotta give me some props on those Marvel leggings!
It was a long day of airplanes, boat rides, "Face Waves", "Wax on, Wax Offs" and "Jolly Jaywalkers. By the time it was time to go to bed I was ready to pass out! I was surprised I even made it through cabin closing awake. I guess the excitement of a brand new day at Camp Del Corazon kept my dopamine running a little longer.

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