Monday, December 31, 2012

Doctor Who and Martinelli's

While the rest of you are probably out partying it up and getting wasted, I'm staying in for the night. What's a better way to spend New Year's Eve than watching Doctor Who with some Martinelli's and cuddling your pup. Besides, I just got home from a double (lack of)sleep over. I don't think I would be able to survive another night of excitement without passing out before midnight. Before I begin my Doctor Who marathon I thought I would post my New Year's Resolutions before the clock strikes twelve...


Become a Model: Since my parent's won't allow me to get a real job I decided to give modeling a go. Everyone tell's me I should try modeling because I'm so tall, skinny and photogenic. The only reason I've denied modeling before is because I thought it was ignorant to be judged about what you look like, how much you weigh and if you're accepted as a beautiful person. I don't know if the persistence or if the realization of how much a model get's paid a job changed my mind. Whether this decision heads down the right or wrong path, I will take it as a learning experience. I'm going to create the beginning's of my portfolio next month and hopefully start contacting agencies. 

Volunteer at a Hospice: My EVIT teacher gave out volunteer applications for Hospice to whoever is interested. I think this would be a fantastic experience especially if I'm going to be surrounded by death when working in a hospital in the future. My parent's agree with me so I will turn in my application as soon as the third quarter of school begins and hopefully I'll land myself an interview. This not only benefits my community service hours but I would say not everyone can put Hospice volunteer on their application to colleges, jobs etc. 

Increase my GPA: I'm not quite sure what my GPA is at the moment but I'm predicting medical school's would not find it that impressive. Hopefully after re-taking geometry over the summer and fingers crossed I get mostly A's this year this won't be such a worriment. Don't get me wrong, I'm a wonderful student it's just my many absences and those blasted finals that get me. 

Travel to New York: I have been wanting to go to New York for a few years now. We could have gone this year during Spring Break but we went to Washington D.C. instead because we had someone to stay with and give us rides. As for the Big Apple, my family doesn't have any connections with anybody up there so if we were to travel to New York it would be one expensive trip and probably a birthday or Christmas present. Maybe this Spring Break... 

Compete in Two Figure Skating Competitions: Every time a competition comes around the corner I always delay the paperwork, make up excuses not to do it (usually has something to do with school), and avoid the subject from my parents. I don't plan on skating any further once I begin college so this is my last full year to compete. I guess I'm most terrified of loosing(besides falling on my butt). I know I sound like a sore loser but figure skating is so competitive, sometimes it's not even enjoyable. The girls are wretched and the skating moms are even worse. But come next competition, win or loose, I will go in smiling and confident and out no different.

Varsity Golfer: I'm hoping next year on the golf team will be better because this year wasn't as pleasant as I remembered from the year prior. I lost my skills near the end of the season and I honestly didn't enjoy the girls I was on the team with. I was sort of the loner on the team while everyone else was building their friendship's and drawing heart's on each other vagina's.   

Capture Camp Del Corazon 2013 on Video: Sadly, this is my last year as a camper. I'm already dreading the one year I have to go without camp until I can become a counselor. I don't want to just become a counselor to be able to return to camp, I just love all the kids at CDC. Their all wonderful and the younger kids especially seem to like me. Not only that but I want to be that inspirational counselor to someone like so many counselors are to me. 

Driver's Licence: First, I have to earn my permit. I would probably have it by now if I wasn't so traumatized. I think it was a little more than a month ago I got into a car accident with a friend on the free way. That was my first real accident and I rather not repeat the experience. Of course, I will eventually begin driving but I'm still paranoid someone is going to merge into our car, or rear end us, or we will rear end them or something of that sorts! 

Connect with Heart Transplant Patients: Lately, I have been connecting with a couple awaiting heart transplant patients in California. Whether it's being someone to have social interaction with, or being able to relate to, or just being a positive role model for other cardiac teens. These are perfect examples of how I want to contribute to the heart transplantation community.

I think my goals for 2013 are pretty reasonable. I tried not to set too many irrational goals unlike last year...

Goals for 2012
  • Volunteer at PCH(Phoenix Children's Hospital) over the summer
  • Save money for Christmas *check*
  • Apply for a job at the golf course 
  • Create the CDC Mural *check*
  • Learn the ukulele *check*
  • Blog on a daily basis *check*
  • Plan a Sweet 16 with Make-A-Wish *check*
  • Driver's License 
  • Attend Leakycon 2012 
  • Start a bank account for college funds
  • Compete in more figure skating competitions
Five out of my eleven goals this year were accomplished and I know I can do better. I'm glad the New Year approached quickly because I'm ready to start fresh. This year definitely had it's down moments. Moving to my mom's house was a big change for me and I recently broke up with my boyfriend which is/was definitely a hard coping process. Don't get me wrong this year wasn't a terrible year and it also had it's up's which would include my Make-A-Wish Sweet Sixteen, my ninth year attending Camp Del Corazon 2012, going to Disneyland with my best buddies over the summer along with our annual father-daughter-camping trip. This year wasn't perfect but it was still a great!

Happy New Year to all you peaches!