Friday, September 16, 2011

Poetry Project

What makes sense

I do not understand…
Why girls would choose Twilight over Harry Potter
Why boys would choose Lebron James over Kobe Bryant
Why old people would choose Bingo over Golf

What I do not understand most is…
Why teenagers would choose heart break over friendships
Why adults would choose their paycheck over their family
Why people would choose wrong over right

What I DO understand is Heart Disease…
It may be tough at times but,
It has connected me with so many amazing people
It has provided me with several once in a lifetime opportunities
Most importantly, it gives me the appreciation towards my life

So for English we had to collaborate with five poems and present to the class. Thankfully, I was absent the day of the presenting time, so I didn't have to, but I would gladly share this poem along with the other four poems. Four out of the five poems I came up with are either related to heart disease or Camp Del Corazon. The last poem is just talking about how OCD I truly am, but what the hell I'll post that poem another day. 

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