Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nature, Kayaking, Giant Swing!

Day 4

This is the LAST morning I can do the morning hike with Dj, Jarred, and Sammy! How depressing! Although, I made the best of it by capturing all the beautiful sights while getting piggy back rides. From the cup game during breakfast(it never get's old), to Disney character impressions when getting ready, we were finally on our way to our last day of activities! Up first was Nature, and every year we seem to do something different. Like last year we went scoping for crabs on the reefs and I managed to find an octopus. The year before we did team strengthening games with Buzz Lightyear gloves... and budgie cords. This year we learned about composting and how much it helps the environment. After the slideshow we dissecting a worm and I was the only girl LOOKING FORWARD to seeing worm guts! Honestly, I had NO IDEA what was inside a worm. I just figured they were too small of organisms to have guts so I thought they were hollow creatures with the slight chance of blood, but it never came to mind that they have FIVE hearts! One of these hearts I put into a zip lock to take home to my parents as a, "Welcome Home" gift... but I lost it in my luggage so I never got the chance. Oh well.

After Nature, I was able to chill out by the beach with the guys for a few minutes before my next activity which was Kayaking... in my bikini(Score;) Surprisingly, one of the Senior 3(oldest cabin) guys asked me to be their partner. Woo! I don't get to do all the work, now it's the other way around! After passing through, "Bird Terd Rock" and playing Piano Keys(Holding on to each others kayaks in a line while other people jump out of their spot to move to a different one) we we're finally DONE! Thank God cause I was exhausted afterward; all my energy was totally wiped out of me from this point on to the minute I stepped off the escalator! I swear I could barely keep my eyes open during lunch! It may not have seemed that way with my crazy, upbeat personality but I was so ready for a nap!

Luckily, Quiet Hour was next, so it was perfect timing to relax right?! WRONG! Instead, I forgot about my laziness and decided to go to a beach party held at the Water Front! My friends Emily, Nicole, Alex, Dylan, Christian, Charlie, and Jarred would be there so who wouldn't pass that up!?(INSANE PEOPLE! That's who.) At first it was just me and Emily tanning on the beach, then Nicole joined us, so we grabbed a surf board and headed towards the water, eventually the guys came, and the rest of the hour was us trying to tip each other over on the surf board. This totally did not help with my lack of rest, but my excitement withdrew all the tiredness from my body once I found out we had the Giant Swing with Senior 1!

The Giant Swing is part of the High Ropes Course, where you put on a harness more extreme then the ones you would wear for the Rock Wall. One rope is the fulcrum that is constantly holding you, the other rope is being tugged by your cabin to lift you into the air and once you're at a "comfortable" height you let go of a string holding the two ropes together. Suddenly, you're swinging in the air for five minutes with the breeze hustling in your ear and pixy dust up your sleeve!

This was the most excited I have ever been about shower hour! I had dried salt water in my hair and I literally felt sticky all over! I was so anxious, I was about to turn on the shower when I realized I still had my clothes on! I was debating whether to put on my dress for dinner but I figured I'll let it be a surprise for the dance! So instead of being glammed up I went all natural and didn't even put on make-up or straighten my hair(Yes I brought a straightener/ curler and a blow dryer)! After our LAST dinner(Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and the BEST ginger bread!) and perhaps the BEST dinner out of them all, we went back to our cabins to put on make-up and do our hair! My eye shadow color for tonight was a sea green over a sparkling white to match my Marilyn Monroe dress!

The dance was AMAZING! I danced with everybody there!! My cabin, Emily, Nicole, Hana, Mela, Seabass, Devin, Alex, Jarred, Christian, Adam, Dylan, Dj. If I missed anybody...  I COULD NEVER FORGET YOU! I slow danced with Jarred and made a move... then got caught by Ooops and had to be, "arms length" apart. After SIX slow songs, the maccuarna, and the Cha Cha Slide... It was finally time to go back to our cabins! The only thing we managed to talk about was the dance! We all ended up with someone to slow dance with and without question, it was the best night of them all!! Once we finished cabin closing which was to say something nice about the person to our right. Personally, I didn't want to say something nice about one person! I wanted to compliment EVERYBODY in my AMAZING cabin, because they were the ones who made this experience the BEST camp experience! Although, I followed the rules and only complimetned one person which was Aries... "You are so spazzy and full of energy! I love how I can dance and be silly around you wherever we are!" Although, I was able to compliment everybody once the counselors left for staff meeting.

This may have been the night we stayed up the longest and talked the loudest! Of course we talked about the guys! Who's the hottest? Who's the funniest? Who we like? Me giving the boy advice for the next day(24/7 WING WOMAN!)! Eventually, it turned into our, "normal" conversation about the same unicorn swimming to the mainland, and, "I speak whale", and our dirty jokes ;-) Obviously, we were still hyped from the dance if two counselors came in to tell us to CALM DOWN! They even waited outside the door, making sure we didn't go back immediately to talking. From that point on we just decided to shut up and go to BED, paranoid we would have another distressed counselor opening the curtain.

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