Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Clash of Individuality

I really need to stop with the pessimistic posts... I blame my cynical mind. 

Although, focusing on the negatives of any situation is so much more easily tempting, it isn't worth the thought process. There is always a bright side in any situation, including the sour pickle I'm in. So instead of continuing with my depressing poetry and ranting I thought I would switch it up. Unlike last time, when I talked about 'what qualities or traits I would change about myself' I thought I would talk about what qualities and traits I pride myself on. 

I would firstly list my optimism. It may sound contradicting considering I also think of myself as a cynic, however, I rely on my positive thinking far more than my negative thinking. I try to find the bright side to any situation and help others going through difficult situations (only if they ask for my advice of course). In the end, everything just turns out better when you have the right "positive" attitude. 

Being sixteen and in high school, I'm constantly surrounded by drama llamas. So I often pride myself on how simply I refrain from drama. Drama is definitely up there in my top 10 of things I have a strong dislike for, along with algebra, bananas, and popularity hierarchy. I just find drama so unnecessary and immature. I'm never the starter of drama, unfortunately, I always seem to find myself as a third person party in someone else's frenzy. If a friend has a problem I will most definitely help them out in anyway I can, but there's still an over crossing line to where I don't want to be involved anymore. 

I'm also a very ambitious person. I love making goals for myself and planning my future (as much as I can plan that is). By knowing my career path, what college I want to go to, where I want to live and all that spectacular independence stuff gives me the motivation I need whenever I'm in the hospital to get back to my normal life. Not only motivation but reassurance I'm going to have a future which I'll make sure I will.

You could say I'm a judgmental person. I would never judge someone by their clothes or what other people label them as but more on the decisions they make. People tell me I have good instincts whether someone is a good person or not. I choose my friends very wisely which is why I have a particularly small group of close friends and a rather large amount of acquaintances. Which I don't mind; I prefer to surround myself with intellectual, genuinely caring people. 

There are always qualities we wish we could change about ourselves but can't. But we wouldn't be considered human without our "wonderful" imperfections. We may have those disagreeable qualities clashing with our likable qualities but at least we can say that we all have likable qualities in the first place.