Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mental Breakdowns

Twelve years old going on thirteen, almost one-thousand miles away from my home, waiting for a Second Heart Transplant in Denver, while practically living in the Ronald McDonald House. I had a perfectly reasonable reason to 100% mentally, physically, and emotionally break-down, once in awhile! Every time one of these events struck me, I would be sobbing on the bed, my dad besides me, trying to calm me down, but letting me cry out all my fears and feelings suffocating me since the beginning of my terror. Before I received my transplant, I remember being left alone in our easily claustrophobic room, and that's all it took. Leaving me alone with my thoughts. Once my dad came back from talking on the phone for an hour, he found me laying on my stomach on the bed, crying softly to myself. After he asked, "What's wrong?" and realized how red and puffy my entire face was, I let everything out!

It's all a bit blurry now, I was crying so hard,  but I remember feeling like the worst person on the Earth. Wishing I didn't have to go through this horrific experience, wishing I could just see my friends again, wishing I didn't have to deal with a pic-line in my arm, wishing a second transplant was just completely out of the question, thinking I was actually in a never ending nightmare... My reality.

My mind was so confused and messed with, I didn't want to believe I was the girl chosen to go through this. Doctors appointments every week with my nurse practitioner, blood draws more than once a week, 24/7 pic-line, and the cardiac floor at Denver Children's Hospital was my home away from RMH. I tried to look on the bright side, but there's only so many positive thoughts you can think of, when you're still living off your second failing heart. I felt like my life was hopeless and I would stay depressed until I could move with my life, which seemed impossible at the moment. My goals and aspirations seemed pointless until I was back to where I belong, in AZ. 

Along with my emotions spiraling down a bottomless pit, I also felt EXTREMELY homesick. I haven't seen my friends, my dog, my cat, and my family since April (it's now June). Surprisingly I missed middle school, and absolutely hated the fact that I missed the first day of eighth grade. Eighth grade was supposed to be my year to feel superior from everyone else in the school,  for I am moving on to high school and will soon be back to the starting line as a pathetic freshman. 

After ranting on, and on to my dad, how I wish my life ended up differently, if only I was normal. I finally chillaxed by eating chocolate ice cream till 11pm, and watching Harry Potter until I fell asleep. Waking up to find myself STILL waiting at the RMH! 

Please appreciate your life! You never realize how good you have it until it collapses right in front of your eyes. Spend as much time with your friends and family and this really has nothing do with anything, but a little sunscreen never hurt anyone... Especially when you're as orange as me. (Fricken Golf. Thank You Sunshine.)


Friday, September 23, 2011

Something Normal

I wish I were not such a perfectionist…

I wish I were not such a perfectionist…
Reorganizing my backpack when a pencil is out of place
Color coding my wardrobe in my closet
Moving unneeded folders to the recycling bin on my computer
Brushing each strand of hair, so it stays perfect for the first five minutes of the day
If I were to enter a hoarder’s house
I would start throwing away items immediately
Filling an entire garbage truck of “Precious items”
That I would care less about as long as the house smells pretty

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My First Home

My First Home

Camp reminds me of a healthy beating heart that has been given a second chance 
Camp sounds like the laughter coming from the campers having the time of their life
Camp tastes like the delicious meals where you yell, “Hey Caesar, how bout seconds?!”
Camp smells like the salty ocean that you sleep by for four nights
Camp looks like a huge group of CHD kids doing the Sunshine Dance in the morning
There’s no place like home, and my first home is Camp Del Corazon

I wrote this poem a few days after CDC ended, so you can imagine how much my mind was set on camp. No lie though, camp will always be my first home, since it's the only place I'm forever and always purely happy.

In other news: Yesterday, when I was in English I was, "eavesdropping" on someone else's conversation and apparently... It's weird and creepy to have take med's for any reason? Umm, yeah someone needs a good slap in the face. How did these people even come up to this conclusion? Oh well, I will never understand the mind of a douche bag <3

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just because I have Congenital Heart Disease...

Just because I have Congenital Heart Disease...

Just because I have Congenital Heart Disease
            It doesn’t make me a below average student
            It doesn’t mean I can’t do anything you can do
            It doesn’t mean we don’t have anything in common

Just because I have Congenital Heart Disease
            It doesn’t mean you have to learn CPR just to hang out with me
            It doesn’t mean I have to watch my diet
            It doesn’t mean I get it easy

Just because I have Congenital Heart Disease
            It means I have to take pills twice a day, everyday
            It means I have many scars that didn’t come from falling off my bike
            It means I have had my unfair share of serious hospital visits

Just because I have Congenital Heart Disease… does not mean I’m not a normal teenager

Monday, September 19, 2011

Why I Miss Camp

Why I miss camp…

Catalina Island is my home                                 
That’s where I attend Camp Del Corazon
I love my friends with Heart Disease
Moments at camp, are the ones I wish to seize
This is why I miss camp…

When I’m here I’m not thought as bizarre
Nobody here judges by my scar
Everyone here is all the same
It has taught me to have no shame
Another reason why I miss camp…

To go from reality to CDC is a hard transition
Although, I prefer these priceless camp traditions
Then singing repeat songs with the rest of the camp works too
More reasons why I miss camp...

From the Sunshine Dance in the morning
To the Evening Activities that are never boring
On the last day everyone is signing shirts and crying on the boat dock
Once we’re back in Arizona it’s around seven o’ clock
These are the reasons I will always miss camp

Friday, September 16, 2011

Poetry Project

What makes sense

I do not understand…
Why girls would choose Twilight over Harry Potter
Why boys would choose Lebron James over Kobe Bryant
Why old people would choose Bingo over Golf

What I do not understand most is…
Why teenagers would choose heart break over friendships
Why adults would choose their paycheck over their family
Why people would choose wrong over right

What I DO understand is Heart Disease…
It may be tough at times but,
It has connected me with so many amazing people
It has provided me with several once in a lifetime opportunities
Most importantly, it gives me the appreciation towards my life

So for English we had to collaborate with five poems and present to the class. Thankfully, I was absent the day of the presenting time, so I didn't have to, but I would gladly share this poem along with the other four poems. Four out of the five poems I came up with are either related to heart disease or Camp Del Corazon. The last poem is just talking about how OCD I truly am, but what the hell I'll post that poem another day. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The saddest day of the year...

Day 5

No more morning hike at 6:30AM. Just me sleeping in my sleeping bag till 7:00am wishing I could still take in the beautiful scenery for a last time. I wasn't close to being packed! My clothes and toiletries were spread throughout my entire cabin! Our last breakfast at camp could have been better by not adding eggs... but everything became a, "Happy Turtle" once we created a GIANT cup game group for the last time!

When packing, I found my socks scattered all around the cabin. Two in someone else's Nick & Kelly suitcase. One outside my cabin in the dirt. Three under my bunk, and none in my suitcase. After leaving my suitcase at the boat dock and seeing my cabin completely empty again is when it hit me, but not enough to make me cry... yet! After taking one more Cutter cabin photo with ten different camera's in front of the beautiful ocean's scenery, it was time to sign shirts. Thank god I brought five sharpies because I could not sign everyone's shirt with just one! I would lose them too easily, which I accomplished by loosing three out of the five I brought. I think this year, is the year I had the most signatures on my shirt. The whole back of my shirt was covered in different colored signatures and sweet messages from all my best camp buddies! After waiting for all the cabins to be packed and loaded on the dock we did what is called a, "Camp Sweep" where we  line up in an, "orderly fashion" and footstep by footstep we walk across the entire campus to pick up every piece of trash so it looks as naturalistic as possible for the next two sessions taking place immediately after we departure.

Lunch didn't feel like lunch, it felt more like rushing-to-sign-shirts-while giving-ten-minute-hugs-to-the-people-I-won't-be-flying-back-to-phoenix-with(Ahem... Dj!) I ate my LAST, AMAZING lunch in five minutes, while rocking out to Bohemian Rhapsody, with my shirt on my back for free signing privileges. Finally, I was back under the tree where I originally starting signing shirts to wait for the session two campers to get off the Catalina Express while taking a, "Group CDC Picture" in remembrance of another year.

High fiving all the counselors, running to the boat I was finally leaving camp... sadly. On the boat I sat with Jarred, Dylan, and Alex with Emily in front of me and Christian watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One beside me on a counselor's iPhone(sadly I missed out).  Only Nick & Kelly campers were on this boat while the California campers.. Actually I don't know what happened to them, I guess they went on a different boat.

After arriving at the Catalina Express Dock I was settled into my traveling group with, "Woody" and we were finally on the bus on our way to John Wayne Airport. Usually we fly to LAX, but this year we flew U.S. Airways so maybe it was just cheaper. After arriving at the airport and being rushed through security we were just waiting to be boarded on to the plane to fly back to Phoenix to be greeted by our parents, who I was not excited to see.

After sitting with Emily, and Dylan, Jarred, and Alex sitting behind us tapping me on the shoulder every five seconds, and eating a DISGUSTING egg salad sandwich... we arrived at Sky Harbor. I was still able to keep my cool(you can't keep something you never had Shelby?) and continued to not cry, but I was so ready to burst into tears because, thinking about going to school the next day, feeling so out of place waking up in my bed instead of a sleeping bag, and not dancing to the Jackson 5 while eating a homemade meal every morning, made me feel sick! Literally. I felt like I was going to throw up after the flight, and I don't think that was due to turbulence. I was soon stepping off the same escalator that I usually end up shedding a tear on for the past seven years and what do you know? My parents weren't at the bottom to greet me. They were late. As usual. I found my suitcase, gave my last hugs, and then sat down next to all the other, "unwanted" children to wait for my parents.

Unfortunately, they eventually came to pick me up and I was forced to go back home. In the middle of the car ride home, I was describing the unbelievable feeling at camp to my dad and then I was struck. Hard. I burst out, full on, bawling wishing I was still at camp. Before I cracked, I was explaining to my dad how I'm so accepted in the world by everyone and when I'm there, I'm a completely different person, a more fun loving, crazy, outgoing person,  and I just forget about heart disease and any other frustrations in my reality. Making me the happiest girl out there.

Dammit, now there's a tear in my eye. Miss you CDC... why did I have to leave you! I hope the third session campers are having the time of their life!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nature, Kayaking, Giant Swing!

Day 4

This is the LAST morning I can do the morning hike with Dj, Jarred, and Sammy! How depressing! Although, I made the best of it by capturing all the beautiful sights while getting piggy back rides. From the cup game during breakfast(it never get's old), to Disney character impressions when getting ready, we were finally on our way to our last day of activities! Up first was Nature, and every year we seem to do something different. Like last year we went scoping for crabs on the reefs and I managed to find an octopus. The year before we did team strengthening games with Buzz Lightyear gloves... and budgie cords. This year we learned about composting and how much it helps the environment. After the slideshow we dissecting a worm and I was the only girl LOOKING FORWARD to seeing worm guts! Honestly, I had NO IDEA what was inside a worm. I just figured they were too small of organisms to have guts so I thought they were hollow creatures with the slight chance of blood, but it never came to mind that they have FIVE hearts! One of these hearts I put into a zip lock to take home to my parents as a, "Welcome Home" gift... but I lost it in my luggage so I never got the chance. Oh well.

After Nature, I was able to chill out by the beach with the guys for a few minutes before my next activity which was Kayaking... in my bikini(Score;) Surprisingly, one of the Senior 3(oldest cabin) guys asked me to be their partner. Woo! I don't get to do all the work, now it's the other way around! After passing through, "Bird Terd Rock" and playing Piano Keys(Holding on to each others kayaks in a line while other people jump out of their spot to move to a different one) we we're finally DONE! Thank God cause I was exhausted afterward; all my energy was totally wiped out of me from this point on to the minute I stepped off the escalator! I swear I could barely keep my eyes open during lunch! It may not have seemed that way with my crazy, upbeat personality but I was so ready for a nap!

Luckily, Quiet Hour was next, so it was perfect timing to relax right?! WRONG! Instead, I forgot about my laziness and decided to go to a beach party held at the Water Front! My friends Emily, Nicole, Alex, Dylan, Christian, Charlie, and Jarred would be there so who wouldn't pass that up!?(INSANE PEOPLE! That's who.) At first it was just me and Emily tanning on the beach, then Nicole joined us, so we grabbed a surf board and headed towards the water, eventually the guys came, and the rest of the hour was us trying to tip each other over on the surf board. This totally did not help with my lack of rest, but my excitement withdrew all the tiredness from my body once I found out we had the Giant Swing with Senior 1!

The Giant Swing is part of the High Ropes Course, where you put on a harness more extreme then the ones you would wear for the Rock Wall. One rope is the fulcrum that is constantly holding you, the other rope is being tugged by your cabin to lift you into the air and once you're at a "comfortable" height you let go of a string holding the two ropes together. Suddenly, you're swinging in the air for five minutes with the breeze hustling in your ear and pixy dust up your sleeve!

This was the most excited I have ever been about shower hour! I had dried salt water in my hair and I literally felt sticky all over! I was so anxious, I was about to turn on the shower when I realized I still had my clothes on! I was debating whether to put on my dress for dinner but I figured I'll let it be a surprise for the dance! So instead of being glammed up I went all natural and didn't even put on make-up or straighten my hair(Yes I brought a straightener/ curler and a blow dryer)! After our LAST dinner(Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and the BEST ginger bread!) and perhaps the BEST dinner out of them all, we went back to our cabins to put on make-up and do our hair! My eye shadow color for tonight was a sea green over a sparkling white to match my Marilyn Monroe dress!

The dance was AMAZING! I danced with everybody there!! My cabin, Emily, Nicole, Hana, Mela, Seabass, Devin, Alex, Jarred, Christian, Adam, Dylan, Dj. If I missed anybody...  I COULD NEVER FORGET YOU! I slow danced with Jarred and made a move... then got caught by Ooops and had to be, "arms length" apart. After SIX slow songs, the maccuarna, and the Cha Cha Slide... It was finally time to go back to our cabins! The only thing we managed to talk about was the dance! We all ended up with someone to slow dance with and without question, it was the best night of them all!! Once we finished cabin closing which was to say something nice about the person to our right. Personally, I didn't want to say something nice about one person! I wanted to compliment EVERYBODY in my AMAZING cabin, because they were the ones who made this experience the BEST camp experience! Although, I followed the rules and only complimetned one person which was Aries... "You are so spazzy and full of energy! I love how I can dance and be silly around you wherever we are!" Although, I was able to compliment everybody once the counselors left for staff meeting.

This may have been the night we stayed up the longest and talked the loudest! Of course we talked about the guys! Who's the hottest? Who's the funniest? Who we like? Me giving the boy advice for the next day(24/7 WING WOMAN!)! Eventually, it turned into our, "normal" conversation about the same unicorn swimming to the mainland, and, "I speak whale", and our dirty jokes ;-) Obviously, we were still hyped from the dance if two counselors came in to tell us to CALM DOWN! They even waited outside the door, making sure we didn't go back immediately to talking. From that point on we just decided to shut up and go to BED, paranoid we would have another distressed counselor opening the curtain.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Target Sports, Wall, Arts & Crafts

Day 3

The next morning, what do you know? I did the morning hike with my cabin and another friend, Jarred. After doing the sunshine dance and eating breakfast FIRST from winning cleaning cabins, we went back to girls camp to get ready for the second day of activities. Even though we're going to be sweating the entire day... my cabin still wanted me to do their make-up. Am I really that talented with a eye shadow brush?

Anyways, after doing everyone's make-up AGAIN for activities we headed towards Target Sports/ Riflery. After my second transplant in 2009, I was able to go to camp two months later. I couldn't help but notice the difference in my shooting skills from before. Not only did I get better at aiming but I seemed to know what I was doing... I guess it's just another trait I inherited from Dakota. The instructor seemed impressed. He didn't need to help me at all and he would congratulated me on my ending results!

After Target Sports was the Rock Wall! My BEST skill! Last year, I reached the top of the wall in forty-five seconds. This year I was determined to beat that time, which I accomplished by ringing the cowbell at the top in thirty-six seconds, impressive I know! After the rock wall was another satisfying meal! Remember when I said I asked eight guys out to the dance? Well, one of the guys I asked seriously wanted to go to the dance with me(Who wouldn't?!) and asked my for real-sies! Of course I accepted!

Quiet Hour was all about perfecting our skit for tonight! My role was Dorthy/Snoop Dog, since I would be rapping about our journey to Oz. I wasn't able to memorize my rap completely so I kept a cheat sheet with me throughout the whole skit in case I forgot ANYTHING! The skit requirements included: Dressing up a counselor as an animal. Having the plot focused around this animal, and this animal MUST have a talent. My counselor played the Cowardly Lion and we added a background story about the lion's childhood explaining his cowardliness and his talent.
The intro went something like this:

Dorthy: Oh, Hey Lion! I can't believe it's already been seven years!
Lion: I know Dorthy! It's been so LONG!
Dorthy: Well, I've been thinking about our journey to Oz lately and realized, you never told me how you became so cowardly in the first place?
Lion: Oh... Well when I was a child I found out I didn't like meat so I refused to hunt with the rest of the lions which led to being kicked out of my pride and I was reduced to living with the squirrels(SQUIRREL, SQUIRREL!)... which led to low self-esteem...
Dorthy:...Umm... WOW! Well I haven't stopped thinking about our trip and I was wondering, since your talent is beat boxing, we could re-live right... NOW! Gimmy a beat!?
*Starting to rap*

After running it a couple times we continued with our afternoon activities. Golf was next with Nicole and we did the exact same thing from yesterday, except we added putting on crappy practice greens. Even though we were hitting rubber balls with unknown brand clubs I was still able to hit pretty well and receive compliments from the free choice counselors!

Finally, we had our last activity which was Arts & Crafts. We did two things. 1.) To make an 8x8 drawing on fabric that will be sowed on to a quilt that will be put up for auction at the Camp Gala to help fund raise money.(I drew a heart organ with, "Camp Del Corazon Forever" written around it) 2.) To write a thank you card to the camp sponsors telling them how much we appreciate camp. Mine went something like this:

Dear Sponsors of the best place on Earth,

I feel like thank you isn't a big enough word to express how much I love this camp and how much I appreciate you paying for the costs of attending. I feel like camp is the only place I can act myself and I don't have to be ashamed of my past medical history. I am so happy and content when I'm here and this is the only place I am accepted by everyone. This will be my eighth year at camp and I have yet to miss a year. I even attended camp two months after my second transplant! Anyways, thank you so much with all my heart!

Shelby Cooper

I meant every word I said in that letter and I hope the sponsors really do realize how much I love going to camp and wouldn't give it up for anything! Back to day three... It was finally shower hour, and like yesterday, we arrived early and had first picks of the hot showers! After doing everyone's eye make-up once again for the evening activities we went to dinner, also known as my most convenient time to flirt with the guys *wink wink*

Before skit night, we went back to the cabins to rehearse in our costumes(mine being Dorthy's dress with a gangster hat). We were all scared out of our minds we would mess up, since we only had a day and half to plan and perfect it. Although, we were feeling confident we were going to have the crowd on our side and if we do mess up... not like anyone's going to care. I felt the most nervous since I was going to be on stage the whole time rapping, hopefully I'm not going to sound like some white chick rhyming! Before we knew it, we had already watched six cabins perform and we were up next! Penny Lane(part of the program staff) promised us we could use her "Toto" look-a-like puppy to add cuteness effect to my Dorthy impersonation. Once I started rapping the crowd cheered me on and I started getting really into my character!

"Yo, my name is Dorthy but you can call me, "D" I live in Kansas and it's really SWEET!
As you may have know I live on a farm, it's all black and white and there ain't to CORN!
There was a destruction, no it wasn't cool. Now I'm in MUNCHKIN LAND with all these little fools
*We represent the Lollipop Guild*
I met the good witch, yeah she was really nice, but the other WICKED witch she smelt like rotten rice!
The good witch told me that I killed her sista, now I have to go meet the Wicky- Wicky Wizard of OZ!
First I met a Scarecrow who wanted a brain, he wasn't very smart, he was just really lame...
Then I met a Tin man who wanted a heart, we oiled up his joints to get a good start!
I met this silly lion who wanted to be brave, he's really just a coward who needs to be saved!
We arrived at the Emerald City, yeah it was really cool! It was so shiny all we could do was drool!
*Cue in the drooling!*
I met up with the wizard and turns out he wasn't real! He wasn't out for good, he was only out to steal!
Turns out I had the magic with me along, so I clacked my heals and then I went home!"

EVERYBODY was on their feet and for the rest of my time here, "D" was my official nickname and when I was brushing my teeth that night I earned so many compliments on my SKILLZ! I felt so unbelievably happy and it was just what I needed to boost my self-confidence! By the end of the night I couldn't SHUT UP about our skit and for cabin closing my high was: TOTALLY ROCKING THE RAP! My low: I DIDN'T HAVE ANY! IT WAS JUST ANOTHER AMAZING DAY AT CDC!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

High Ropes, Archery, Swimming!

So today at school I was a complete bragger and every word that came out of my mouth was some how related to camp! Surprisingly, everyone was excited to see me back in Latin, Drawing and Painting, Biology, Geometry, and World History. Not so much English because... well my English class SUCKS! I'm just the life of the party in almost all my classes... not really! I'm going through Post-Camp Del Corazon Depression because I miss it so much!

Day 2

It's 6:30AM and Sammy, Nicole, and myself wake up to go on the morning hike. The whole time I hike with my friend Dj while taking loads of pictures of the beautiful view of the sunrise gleaming across the ocean. When we come back to camp, I do the sunshine dance FULL OUT with everyone else, and I don't feel awkward doing it by myself in my room. I have been looking forward to breakfast since the minute I arrived! It was very pleasing when I finished my waffles and sausage as my first meal!

After breakfast, we went back to girls camp to get ready for activities and to clean our cabins so we would have a chance to win Cleanest Cabin Queens. The key to winning cleanest cabin: Kiss up to the med nurses! They're the ones who judge the cabins and they ALWAYS go for flattery EVERY TIME! So what do you know?! WE WON! We made a poster that spelled, "Cutter Loves Our Med Nurses" After Cabin Clean Up we headed towards our first activity which was the High Ropes Course. The night before I promised myself I would reach the top of the Eagles Perch(balancing on top of a wobbly telephone pole) which is exactly what I did by sitting on top of the telephone pole.

After we thanked the High Ropes staff we went to our next activity which was archery. Usually I forget what I learn from the year before so it's like I'm a first year all over again, even though I've done it for seven years. A had a guy named Charlie who was correcting me every time I did something slightly wrong. It was annoying at first but near the end we were able to have a archery contest and he was able to punch a whole through my name tag.
*Props to you*

After the second activity we met by the bell and finally had lunch. Before every meal a cabin says grace. It was our turn!

Us: "This is a repeat song"
Everyone else: "This is a repeat song"
Everyone else: "GRACE!"
*The End*

Lunch was delicious and just the right amount of food to fill me! I rediscovered the Cup Game with my cabin and we would gather a group of counselors and campers to join in every time we had an empty cup lying around. After composting my food I would go over to the guy tables and just be my regular EXTREMELY FLIRTY self. My plan was to ask at least ten guys out to the dance on our last night, which was almost achieved when I asked eight guys who all accepted.

Everyday after lunch, we would go back to our cabins for Quiet Hour. During Quiet Hour, my cabin decided to work on our skit for skit night the next evening. Our first idea was to recreate a video off of YouTube, but then we decided talking about rapping. I suggested doing a rap that I made up in middle school about the Wizard of Oz. After they heard it piece by piece we all agreed upon it. Of course, we had to tweek it a little to meet the requirements of skit night but we knew it was going to be the best skit out of them all!

After quiet hour we headed towards the dining hall to meet up with our free choice activity group. My free choice was golf(obviously) and turns out I wasn't the only girl to sign up. My friend Nicole that I have known since... my third year at camp and she was also in my cabin last year. Anyways, after hitting plastic training golf balls for an hour, I met up with my cabin again and waited to move on to our next activity which was swimming. I was the only one out of my cabin to swim deeper into the ocean first, until I reached the trampoline. Once I did reach the trampoline I noticed the rest of my cabin followed me... so I'm sort of like a trendsetter, but not really. After jumping on the trampoline, then having very mature small talk with the other older boy cabin, then playing, "Who can crack the egg?"(me being the egg), to swimming back to shore, our final activity of the day was over. Up next was Shower Hour, which my cabin was early for so we had first picks for the warm water showers. After showering I got ready and did my make-up like usual, but once I brought out my INTENSE make-up kit everyone else wanted a taste. No joke. I did four of the six girls(including me) in my cabins eye make-up. Before I knew it, I was being called the make-up artist of session one and everyone agreed I should go to cosmetology school to become a professional make-up artist.

After another spectacular meal we got ready for the next activity which was the Counselor Scavenger Hunt?! Not even my counselors knew what was planned so it was quite a surprise when I found out we would be catching "Death Eaters" on our "broom stick "around campus under "Bellatrix Lestrange'" orders to defeat the "Dark Lord". Best evening activity EVER! Who ever collects the most points wins!... which we did not succeed in doing. After eating smores by the campfire, and creating rain, oh and after I flirted with all the guys we returned to girls camp for cabin closing and lights out. My highs and lows this time were... My high of the day: Achieving my goal on the high ropes. My low of the day: Waking up early in the morning... but then realizing I'm in my sleeping bag, with my cabin, at the best place imaginable, so it's all good! I love talking with my cabin all night... Talking about guys, laughing about swimming unicorns, making whale impressions, and telling racist jokes ;-)