Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Modeling Dilemma Part 2: Dinosaurs and Unicorns

My dilemma with modeling is figuratively a love-hate concept.

Optimistic outlook on modeling:

A tyrannosaurus rex evolving into a unicorn is metaphorically me trying to become a model. Although I am skinny, tall and photogenic, I am also extinguished in several scars. It's nothing I'm ashamed of, because my dead skin cells represent who I am, what I've conquered and pretty much what I'm all about. My pride and my scars put me at a disadvantage because I don't meet the right "image" criteria. If a dinosaur can transform into a unicorn than that would be pretty impressive just like how someone with an oddity signs a modeling contract for who they are would be even more of an accomplishment; which is why I haven't given up.

[closest thing I could find to a unisaur]
Pessimistic outlook on modeling:

I'm sick and tired of looking in a magazine and seeing the same prototype model over and over. The image of a perfect body and a flawless face has been reused so many times. There's no such thing as perfect and this industry has twisted the idea of beauty turned has it into something nonexistent. This "beauty" overwhelms girls like me feeling like they haven't got a chance or their left feeling ugly. I don't want to model if I'm not accepted for who I am and formulated into another clone.

Get it? Cause it's clones... of evil robots... except one is especially more evil... it's imagery you fools!
 After thinking about what I'm about to jump into more, an idea of brilliance had presented itself...

Let's say I don't find an agency that isn't prejudice and genuinely accepting. It's sad to think there isn't an agency out there that's willing to market someone for their unique qualities, although, I think if I can't find an unorthodox agency I should create one.

"Real World Modeling Agency" (still working on the title) would accept all kinds of individuals interested in modeling with any disadvantage. Whether it's an ostentatious scar, a wheelchair or simply not a size 1! We're the ones with a lowered self esteem, we're the ones who have been told we're not beautiful by someone who can't even define the subject, and we're the ones who are never good enough. I think anyone could model if their really committed but like I said, I'm sick of the same prototype.

We see enough advertisements about hair, makeup and fashion but what about awareness campaigns? Our modeling agency would be thoroughly based off of donations to give these models a chance to achieve something their really passionate about. We would provide the type of model to a non profit organization or foundation, what society should be paying more attention to and care about, at no cost to the client.

Cell phones while driving

Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon

Teen Suicide Prevention
Let's say Donate Life America wants to raise awareness for Heart Month but doesn't have the funds to do so. By contacting us, we provide a model to whatever theme they want to address to little to no cost to them. The model however would still be paid by money donated to our agency and in the end Heart Month would get its publicity.

There are two positive aspects to this idea:
1.) It gives the dinosaurs a chance to become unicorns in the modeling world
2.) It targets subject matter and topics that deserve it's limelight

We'll see how my own modeling career kicks off but if it doesn't, this is something I'm seriously going to consider doing!


The Unisaur

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