Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kayaking, Giant Swing, Court Games, Notes

Day 3

You know how you're completely unaware of where you are for about five seconds after waking up from a really intense dream? Whenever I wake up at camp it takes me about five seconds to realize where I am. I'm not in my bed, I'm in my sleeping bag. I don't have an obnoxious alarm to wake up too besides my counselor and the sounds of the oceans. These are one of the rare moments when I literally wake up with a smile on my face. No nagging parents or math class to start off the day... just pure happiness.

Yesterday, I went on the morning hike with my friend Sammy. While hiking around a different trail than the day before, we created possibly the best GRACE that ties perfectly into the Olympic "love America" theme:

I pledge alliengence, to this Breakfast
Of the Camp Del Corazon Kitchen Staff
And to this Dining Hall in which we stand
One camp under Big Kahuna and Xena
With Good Times and Seconds for ALL!

Now that it has been recorded, I will never forget it and keep it in mind for next year! This time I went on the morning hike with my favorite man, my very studly boyfriend. I remember last year, before we were even dating, we went on the morning hike together every morning. DEJA VU!

View of the dock, the amphitheater, girls camp, and the courts

And he gave me his sweatshirt one cold morning :)
Hit It Gumbi!

Hey Hefi How Bout Seconds?!

After the sunshine dance, breakfast and we composted our food, we chugged down what's left in our cups to play the cup game. Once our cabin starts the cup game sometimes other counselors and campers will join in and it becomes one huge, loud line of synchronized cups. We didn't win cleanest cabin queens at our last attempt so we swept till the floor was clean enough to lick... theoretically.

This morning was cold but thankfully it started warming up during breakfast. Just in time for kayaking! I would say the weather was definitely on our side. I partnered with my friend Sammy and we kayaked to "Bird Terd Rock" while singing and motivating each other the entire time. Like usual, we played Piano Keys which is where you try to switch with someone else in a different kayak while grabbing hold of each others kayaks in a drifting line. I switched twice yet still ended up in the same kayak. So, Team Shemmy (a name collaboration Sammy and I created) raced the boy cabin, Tsunami, back to shore for our next activity which was the Giant Swing.

The Giant Swing is probably my favorite activity. You put on an a harness that looks much like a pair of overalls. Once you're strapped in, your cabin pulls on a rope bringing you higher and higher into the air (or whatever height you're comfortable with). You let go of the rope your cabin is pulling on and you fly through the air like Tinkerbell! I love the dropping sensation and the rush of the wind in your face while floating through the air. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures... on my camera. So maybe I'll post those pictures once I get them from my friend who took pictures on her camera!

We gave a camp appreciation to Ooops and walked towards the Dining Hall for lunch. Before every meal, besides breakfast, Sammy always says, "I HOPE WE'RE HAVING MAC N CHEESE!". She successfully got the whole cabin into a huge craving for mac n cheese. We didn't have Mac N Cheese for lunch this time but we knew we were going to eat it either for dinner or sometime tomorrow! We headed back to our cabin for Quiet Hour which was the perfect time to plan out our skit for tonight. On the first day during the camp tour, we were given a box with mysterious props inside. Our props consisted of a huge collection of sailor hats so we wrote a poem with a shipwrecked theme to it and ended our skit with free styling to Rihanna.

We continued with our day and headed to Court Games. We decided to play Apples to Apple in the Dining Hall and finished the activity hoolahooping and played tether ball with the boy cabins until we had to leave for Notes. Every year we write to the sponsors of Camp Del Corazon telling them how much we appreciate camp. Last year I wrote EVERYTHING I could think of, taking up all the blank space available. This year I kept it simple with writing one paragraph and a camp appreciation to the sponsors.

During Court Games
We ran back to our cabins for shower hour and got ready for tonight's skit night. We first went to dinner, eating spaghetti instead of man n cheese. No worries, we still have many more meals to look forward to for some cheesy delciousness! Besides, this meal was so delicious I managed to grab seconds and be apart of the Clean Plate Club.

My peasants Dylan and Jarred ;)

Team Shemmy! 
Once dinner was over we rehearsed our skit one more time and headed towards the amphitheater for skit night! I don't know why I was so nervous for our skit. It was very simple and short there was nothing to be nervous about. Now that I think about, I'm nervous every year for skit night. Especially last year when I was rapping about the Wizard of Oz. Good times! We were one of the last cabins to perform since we were one of the older cabins and I think we did splendidly. I also give props to Senior 2, Clipper and Senior 3! Your skits were Hill-ARE-ee-US! It was a perfect way to end the night leading to cabin closing. My high of the day was the giant swing and once again I didn't have any lows!

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