Saturday, September 22, 2012

Arts & Crafts, High Ropes, Wall, Swim

Day 2

The night before, our cabin decided what morning activity we wanted to do. You have the choice of answering trivia at Wake N Wind, going on the Morning Hike or entering enlightenment in yoga with Puppy Monster. As usual, I chose the morning hike like last year. After hiking on a trail wrapped around the camp grounds in my footy pajama's and bunny slippers I was completely awake to do the Sunshine Dance. No matter what, I always have to do the Sunshine Dance FULL OUT, whether I'm in my bedroom or I hear the song playing at the mall or I'm actually at camp (feels less ridiculous when everyone around me is doing it too)!

Once all the cabins were lined up by the bell it was time to do the Sunshine Dance. My friend Marissa and I were chosen to do the Sunshine Dance in front of everyone, since we're such pro's, to demonstrate to the new campers how it's done! Afterwards, we sat down waiting for our number to be called intoxicated by the delicious camp smells of breakfast. Breakfast is my absolute favorite meal of the day at camp! I always over load on the fresh fruit and, how great is it to start the first day of activities with fluffy pancakes and sausage!

On the Morning Hike with Aries
Obviously... we haven't done the Sunshine Dance yet

My footy pajama wearin' counselor, Izzy!

Known these girly's for two years; Sammy and Marissa!
Once we finished breakfast it was time to go back to our cabins and attempt the title of Clean Cabin Queens. I have never gone to camp and NOT won Cleanest Cabin Queens so I was a determined little rascal to really kiss up to the med nurses once again this year. After sweeping and placing our shoes into the shape of a heart, we left for our first activity, Art's & Crafts. I made sure to pack a white t-shirt since we were tye -dying shirts this year in Art's & Crafts. I used yellow and blue to make green and I just sprinkled that all over my spiral looking shirt. As of the moment, I don't know if it will turned out good or not but all I do know is that I am definitely wearing it on the last day of activities just because it's lime green!

After giving the Art's and Crafts ladies a bit of a fail camp appreciation we left for the High Ropes Course! Last year, I made it my goal to stand up on the Eagles Perch but I ended up just sitting up there. I don't know why I'm so undefeated by this wobbly telephone pole, but it's completely different when you're actually up there looking down at your cabin cheering you on. This year I had to conquer this thing... it wasn't just a want, IT'S A NEED! I was the first one to volunteer to go first and my belayer, Zoe, was so energetic and reassuring I can do this! It didn't take me long to get up there, but it took me awhile to move both my feet to the surface. Personally, after you have one foot there and you just have to rely on gravity for two seconds while getting your other foot there is the hardest part. That's when I feel like I'm going to fall BUT I'M NOT! My adrenaline was rushing but I kept telling myself, "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO FALL! YOU'RE ON A HARNESS! CMON', MOVE THAT FOOT!!" I guess my pep talk worked because I managed to stand on top of the Eagles Perch for a firsty! I was doing the Sunshine Dance, the Squirrel Dance, and shaking my booty while up there but once I lost the feeling in my legs from shaking so bad I figured it was time to come down.
Going up...

Half way there!

Just chillin ;)
After accomplishing my biggest goal for this year, I was ready for anything! I decided to do the Rigidy Bridge and the Catwalk before Lunch.

Made it across the Rigidy Bridge!


Meditation really does exist!

Strutting across the Catwalk!
The bell rang for lunch and I was so ready to eat and relax during Quiet Hour. After that much activity, all I wanted to do was lie down in my bunk before our next activity which was the rock wall. The rest of my cabin was focused on finishing first for this competition to do specific, silly tasks like telling YNOT, "Hey, I'm allergic to bacon..." or asking Ooops, "How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck would Chuck Norris?" or showing Flipper some amazing hair flips as our best "flip" and in return get a counselor's signature. So far, we are the cabin with the most signatures so we were so confident we were going to finish first to win the mysterious prize!

It seemed Quiet Hour didn't last very long considering I was still tired but I was soon ecstatic once I remembered the rock wall was our next activity! Two years ago, I made it to the top of the wall in 45 seconds. Last year, I made it to the top in 36 seconds. I'm pretty satisfied with my record, so I went up the wall once, recited a quote and supported the rest of my cabin as they went up the rest of the time.

Our next activity was swimming at the waterfront and I was probably most excited about this activity since we were with Senior 2 and Ketch. After jumping on the trampoline with the littliler ones and chillaxing in the water with the other cabins I was freezing and ready for Shower Hour! Before heading towards girls camp, my boyfriend and I were talking about the dance, which led to him going down on one knee and asking me to the dance with his lovely offering of quartz.

What a gentleman! :)
After he totally made my day, I skidaddled to our cabin for Shower Hour and got ready for dinner and tonight's evening activity. I'll never forget my counselor, Mrs. Boinic, staring at me while I curled my hair. A couple of the girls who were in my cabin last year recalled how I did their makeup which I did again for them this year (which might be why I have a sty on my eyelid the size of a tic tac. Future reference, don't share makeup)! I would say my red and white striped shirt, my American flag shorts and shades along with my blue and white eyeshadow matched the theme well since tonight's theme was all about the Olympics. Our last delicious meal of the night led to an Olympic competition. A team composed of multiple cabins would compete in several obstacles against the other teams. I think our team had a bit of a disadvantage since we only had two other cabins with us, Tugboat and Monsoon (which I may add are two of the younger boy cabins), while everyone else had a team consisting of four cabins. Despite that, I think we did an excellent job Team Alpha Awesome! 

A few of ladies in Schooner!
Even though Team Alpha Awesome didn't win, our name still implied that we are awesome! The night was coming to end and we returned to our cabins for cabin closing. This time my high's of the day was accomplishing my biggest goal by reaching the top of the Eagles Perch and having my boyfriend propose to me on the beach. That was just so sweet! My low's? Pretty sure there are no such thing as a "low" at camp!

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