Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Transplant Vlogs

I hate to admit it, but I am one in a million. My dad mentioned my cardiologist appointment in the car today which led to another your-heart-appointments-are-more-important-since-SECOND-heart-transplants-are-serious-business. Then he called me ONE in a MILLION, which I took offence to since I don't like being, "One special egg!" Can't I be counted as a weird teenager because I have an odd personality? Oh whatever, I'm getting off topic anyways, this conversation made me wonder... 'One in a million... That means a small percentage of people know what I had to go through during my SECOND transplant... Maybe I should have documented what Denver was like...' 

I had a webcam the whole time in Denver, why didn't I think of using it besides Skyping with people I miss from AZ. The idea of using my webcam in desperate times of need to rant on and on about my life seemed like a good idea... Until I realized, who would want to listen to a depressed teenager complaining about her life? Then I came to the conclusion of not caring if people actually viewed my videos, this may help with the disappointment. So, whenever I am in the hospital(which will likely, happen again) or in a Denver situation which I hope will. Never. Happen. Ever. Again. I will use my webcam everyday to record what happened day by day, and by the end of the whole mess, I will have a nicely edited video showing what happened everyday. These videos will be posted on this blog for my own personal satisfaction, but if you want to watch them in the future, that be cool! Now I'll start my homework!

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