Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Shelby Cooper: Three of Hearts" Documentary

I think it was about Mid-March when I was friend request and messaged by a guy who went to my school about the possibility of producing a documentary about me and my life as a double heart transplant recipient. He told me he's an independent filmmaker and he stumbled upon my blog and found my story inspiring enough to make into a documentary. I was astounded for one, my life is as ordinary and normal as everybody else's (but my past sure isn't!) and second, I've always wanted to raise awareness for organ donation and heart disease through a video production which is exactly what we did!

We first met up to outline what the documentary would be about. I had oodles of ideas but the hard part was deciding what the main focus of the film was going to be about. I was thinking of aiming it towards awaiting or struggling heart transplant recipients to simply conceive the message my blog embody's; you're not alone and there is life after transplant. On the other hand, there are so many uneducated people out there about organ donation or heart disease and this would be a great opportunity to share some enlightenment on the subject. But then when I think about my past with bullies and how I used to be known as the weird girl with a scar or who spent time in the hospital, I really wanted to change their perspective.

After it was all finalized, I think we managed to exemplify all these factors into one fabulous documentary and we entered it into a local film festival and what do you know? We won the title, "Best Technical Expertise"! Now, I'm finally sharing with you the film-festival cut of our documentary, "Three of Hearts". We had thirty minutes of solid footage which was edited down to five minutes for the festival requirements so there may be an extended version available later.

For now, check it out here on Youtube:

Please share this with your friends, family or whoever. I'm not asking for personal publicity or attention, I just want to spread the word and break the stereotype!

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