Friday, November 18, 2011

Shelby Cooper Bracelet

In December, one thousand Shelby Cooper Bracelet's are going to be made and shipped from China. What is the Shelby Cooper bracelet? If you keep reading you shall know:

My friend Bill Sear, had a heart transplant and has been living off his heart for ten years and more! He finds me such a positive role model, especially at my age, and he thinks I have a terrific understanding of what life is like with a heart transplant. He asked me to brainstorm a logo for these bracelets that are given to heart transplant patients at Cedar Sinai and whoever else is interested to promote Heart Disease Awareness. Last year, the logo was, "The Gift of Life" and this year I chose a logo that originated from my fifth year attending Camp Del Corazon.

In 2009, my cabin and I told people to not stare at our scars, even though everyone else had scars too, as a joke. During Art and Crafts, we made a mini poster stating, "CHD (Congenital Heart Disease). DON'T STARE!" and we hung it in our cabin for the whole session. Two months beforehand, I had my second heart transplant and I attended CDC during the three month rejecting period, my wonderful doctors understood how much I have gone through and how much happiness camp brings me.

The rubber bracelets are going to be orange(camp color) and read, "Heart Disease. DON'T STARE!" not to mention my name is going to be on them, hens; why they're called the Shelby Cooper Bracelet. One thousand of them are being manufactured in a factory in China and are being sold for only one dollar. All the profits are going to be donated to the number one place that deserves it, Camp Del Corazon, in my name. I've always wanted to help Camp Del Corazon by attending their annual fundraisers, but my family doesn't have the money. I'm so glad I'm able to give to them, because CDC has effected my life significantly and without it, my life would be completely different.

If you're interested, the bracelets will be available in December. Later, I will post a link to a website in the right side bar, to help purchase one as soon as possible!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Remember When?


Remember when we would wake up at 6:30 AM to go on the morning hike, or participate in Yoga or Wake n Wind to earn tickets. Then once the morning bell rang, all the counselors and campers would meet up to spread out and yell, "HIT IT GUMBI!" and do the Sunshine Dance together? After consuming the first of the three delicious meals a day, we would countdown the numbers on each ticket Big Kahuna would name off, to try and win prizes for our amazing cabins. Once Breakfast ended, we would skip crazily together back to our cabins, to attempt winning Cleanest Cabin Queens/ Kings. Finally, we finished sweeping, organizing, and kissing up to the med nurses, and we're off to our first activity of the day.

"A, B... C.D.C!"

The friends you meet here really are the best! Their willing to try new things like kayaking through, "Bird Terd Rock", they support you one-THOUSAND percent when accomplishing the High Ropes and Rock Wall, and they congratulate you every time you reach your personal goal of the day. Not only are the friends here the most positive people you'll ever meet, but the conversations never get old. Awkward silences are avoidable at lunch, since there's always something to talk or laugh about, and when we're not chatting, we're either having an INTENSE cup game or singing full out to Queen or Katy Perry. Remember when all the counselors would dress up in anything from the Costume Box and prance around the dining hall to Mambo Number Five holding your lost items? After noticing something belonged to you, lost item or not, you would gladly do the Squirrel Dance in front of everybody?


Remember when Quiet Hour was never the hour to relax, but the time to jump on the trampoline and play volleyball during the Beach Party for, "Winning" the Free Space Challenge during Disco Bingo? Then once shower hour came, it was a race between all the girl cabins for a clean, warm shower. After showering, all the girls would succeed in looking gorgeous for evening activities and the guys, by putting on make-up and using all the electricity from blow drying and straightening our hair. After Dizzy Oops decided which cabin eats first, we all ate another satisfying, scrumptious meal. "HEY CAESAR, HOW BOUT SECONDS!?", would be called for every meal, since we couldn't get enough of the food! Remember when "T" dressed up as Belatrix Le Strange and ordered us to find her death eater decedents around camp, or when skit night brought out our inner nerves, but we still had a good time on stage, or when we were dancing the Cha Cha Slide, or slow dancing with our date at the dance on our last night? Fantastic memories made from evening activities!


It was finally cabin closing and the majority of us can only name positives of the day and zero negatives. Remember when the counselors left for staff meeting and the rest of us would stay up talking till midnight with our wonderful cabin? Telling, "Scary" stories, singing random songs, laughing about dirty jokes, creeping each other out, rating the guys, and planning the next day, until a counselor would come in to tell us to be quiet since we're keeping the ENTIRE girls camp awake.


I <3 Cutter!